Board members

Janine Andrews

Board Chair

Occupation: Executive Director of the University of Alberta Museums

By day I am the Executive Director of the University of Alberta Museums where I’m exposed to millions of really cool artifacts and specimens while working with many brilliant and creative curatorial staff, researchers, students and community members. My experience working in the arts and cultural worlds coupled with an early exposure to and love of the creative works of Catalyst Theatre in the late 1980s led me to apply for a position on the Board in 2010. I am passionately dedicated to the Catalyst Theatre vision and hope that many, many more community members will also become supporters of this vision. I happily live in Old Strathcona with my husband Larry (long-time supporter of Catalyst) and our two dogs (not yet supporters of Catalyst….)

Julie Brown

Member At Large

Occupation: Assistant Chair- Administration, Drama Department (University of Alberta)

Catalyst Theatre holds a special place my  heart as I started working with the company in 1984 as an actor. Shortly thereafter and with the assistance of a Canada Council grant, I moved into theatre administration as Catalyst’s apprentice tour coordinator. Thirty years later I’m delighted to be working with the company again but this time as a board member.

Rob Dunseith

Member At Large

Occupation: Managing partner at Duncan Craig LLP, practicing corporate law

I believe live theatre adds an irreplaceable cultural vitality to our community. It challenges us all to examine our lives and enriches us all with entertainment. While it demands more than the all-pervasive electronic media (we have to go out on cold night in January sometimes to take in a play!), there is something special about gathering together as a community to witness the fruits of the dramatic craft. I am therefore thrilled to provide support to a company which is a leading innovator in the theatre community in Edmonton, Catalyst Theatre.

Leo Lejeune

Member At Large

Darrell Manning

Member At Large

Rena Liviniuk


Occupation: Prospect Research Analyst,  University of Alberta – Office of Advancement

I have been a fan of music and the theatre for as long as I can remember thanks to early exposure by my parents. I love sharing theatre experiences with my friends and family and on an such occasion, in 2007, I had my first encounter with Catalyst and its amazing production of Frankenstein. I’ve been on the board since 2010, and it’s a wonderful education in the complexity of planning and the rigour required to successfully run a professional theatre company. When you see work you love, send friends and spread the word. It’s the easiest way to support our arts community!

Sue Quon


Occupation: Dentist

I am inspired to volunteer for an arts organization because of the passion and transformative magic of the arts. Take a black box, add a stage, costumes, performers, a script and you are instantly somewhere else. I can’t sing, act or dance but I have been enthralled by the process of it that I have vowed to use the skills I do have to make sure the beauty, and inspiration of it can be shared by others. I love the experience of seeing something live, sharing the space and experience with others. I love watching it, then not having it exist as soon as it is over. It’s your moment based on your thoughts, mood, and experiences but influenced by actors, words, music and the audience. It is a moment that is only left to exist in your memory. It is fleeting but permanent or you can forget it and throw it away.

Zack Siezmagraff

Member At Large

Jonathan Christenson


Occupation: Artistic Director


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