Jonathan Christenson - Artistic Director
Bretta Gerecke - Resident Designer

Eva Cairns - Managing Producer
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"All that we see is but a dream within in a dream.",

Delightfully dark, heartbreakingly comic, playfully perverse, beautiful and grotesque, Nevermore: The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe is a whimsical and chilling musical fairytale for adults. The line between fact and fiction in this tale is slim, dreams function as reality - and just like in Poe's work life and death are blurry. Bizarrely beautiful and wonderfully witty, Nevermore uses haunting song, poetic storytelling and surreal imagery to explore the events that shaped Poe's career and ignited his lifelong battle with "visions dark and sinister."


Nevermore Off-Broadway

Along with multi-­‐Tony Award winning Broadway producers Radio Mouse Entertainment we are pleased to announce an open ended Off Broadway run of Nevermore  in New York City in January 2015.

Tickets now on sale here, with previews beginning January 14, 2015. Opening Night takes place January 25, 2015 at New World Stages, a 499 seat venue in the heart of the Broadway district. 

Visit the New York Production's Website

Writer, director, composer Jonathan Christenson leads his collaborators Bretta Gerecke, Laura Krewski, Wade Staples, Betty Moulton, Matthew Skopyk and Candice Charney. The Edmonton-­‐based cast members Shannon Blanchet, Beth Graham, Ryan Parker, Garett Ross and Scott Shpeley along with Vancouver based cast member Gaelan Beatty will be joined by three understudies and one additional actor from New York City, as well as an assistant stage manager.

 Read the press release here. 



  • "Barely 10 minutes into Catalyst Theatre's know you're in the presence of genius."

  • "Stories of death, cruelty, and betrayal fill Jonathan Christenson's consistently engaging Nevermore."

  • "Occasionally funny, sometimes downright scary, and often breathtaking, the production is relentless... Laura Krewski's choreography is wonderful... The eerie atmospheric lighting effects are perfect. Bretta Gedreck's gothic cartoonish costumes are some of the best I have ever seen in a show."

    "The cast of seven is of the highest regard... The only true tragedy for this ingenious, outrageous production, however, is that it's only playing in New York until November 7. See it if you can!"

  • "...Catalyst Theatre takes on the material with a decidedly gothic bent and makes a dark fairy tale that resonates with young people... They actors are deft at handling the outsize characters making them both human and cartoonish."

    "NEVERMORE is smart, fun, engaging theater for young audiences. It goes to show that you don't have to pander when presenting work to young people – that you can make work that is both entertaining and educational, with extraordinary stagecraft and high standards, and still reach audiences in this always-on, twitter-ified entertainment multiverse."

  • "It's haunting, morbid and entirely compelling... The writing is accomplished. Christenson has protected his audience with style... The acting is excellent and seamless, transitioning as it does from music to speech..."

    "The play is a visual feast... You will probably never see anything like this again. It's extraordinary."

  • "Nevermore brilliantly incorporates myth and high (and mostly low) lights of this life, blending them with surreal nightmarish imagery... While Halloween is a perfect time to see The Catalyst Theatre's marvelous original production of Nevermore: The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe, it should be welcome any time of year."

    "This production will stay with you long after this creepy holiday weekend has passed... The beauty is the telling of the story: the minimal set, the gorgeous costumes, the exquisite acting and singing by the extraordinarily talented cast."

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Cast & Crew

  • Jonathan Christenson +

    Jonathan Christenson - Artistic Director, Writer, Composer, Director

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  • Bretta Gerecke +

    Bretta Gerecke - Scenographer

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  • Candice Charney +

    Candice Charney - Stage Manager

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  • James Robert Boudreau +

    James Robert Boudreau - Production Manager

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  • Laura Krewski +

    Laura Krewski - Choreographer

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  • Betty Moulton +

    Betty Moulton - Voice, Text and Speech Director

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  • Wade Staples +

    Wade Staples - Sound Designers

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  • Matthew Skopyk +

    Matthew Skopyk - Music Producer

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  • Amy Kucharuk +

    Amy Kucharuk - Design Associate

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  • Beth Graham +

    Beth Graham - Fanny Allan, Sissy, Rosalie, Ensemble

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  • Shannon Blanchet +

    Shannon Blanchet -Elmira, Ensemble

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  • Gaelan Beatty +

    Gaelan Beatty - Henry, Ensemble

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  • Ryan Parker +

    Ryan Parker - Rufus Griswold, Ensemble

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  • Garett Ross +

    Garett Ross -Jock Allan, Ensemble

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  • Vanessa Sabourin +

    Vanessa Sabourin - Eliza Poe, Emsemble

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  • Scott Shpeley +

    Scott Shpeley - Edgar

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  • Kevin Green +

    Kevin Green - Sound Operator

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Production History


  • Westbury Theatre, Edmonton
  • Kay Meek Centre, West Vancouver, BC
  • Vernon Performing Arts Center, Vernon, BC



  • New Victory Theatre, New York USA. 
  • Barbican Theatre, London UK, co-presented by the Barbican’s bite and London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT)
  • National Arts Centre, Ottawa, for the Magnetic North Theatre Festival
  • Winter Garden Theatre, Toronto, for the Luminato festival.
  • Catalyst Theatre, Edmonton
  • Arts Club Theatre, Vancouver, co-presented with Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad, The Cultch, and the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival



2 Betty Mitchell Awards (2011)

  • Outstanding Costume Design
  • Outstanding Production of a Musical 

7 Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards (2009)

  • Outstanding Production of a Musical
  • Outstanding Director
  • Outstanding Costume Design
  • Outstanding Lighting Design
  • Outstanding Score of a Play or Musical
  • Outstanding Musical Director
  • Outstanding Choreography or Fight Direction

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