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Christenson Group of Companies

Larry Anderson
Janine Andrews
Connie Banigan
Frannie Blondheim,
Julie Brown & Joe Piccolo
Hazel Christenson
Jenifer Christenson
Ray Christenson
Brent Christopherson
Dawson, Duckett, Shaigec & Garcia
Brian Deedrick
Carol Dreger
Rob Dunseith
Peter & Shirley Edwards
Estate of Greta Sitwell
Kristen Finlay
Ken & Barb Galm
Bard Golightly
Ben Henderson
Elizabeth Hurley
John & Brenda Inglis
Allyson Jeffs & Michael Francon
Louise Jensen
Elizabeth Johnson
Joanna Johnston
Irving & Dianne Kipnes
Leo Lejeune
Rena Liviniuk
Liviuk Family Fund
Katryna Lysay
Barbara Mah
Darrell Manning
Betty McAfee & Douglas Oakley
Zachary Penner
Brenda & Keith McNicol
Gil Miciak & Landon Haze
Kevin Mott
Tom & Judy Peacocke
Michael Phair
Sue Quon
Tony Russell
Elaine Solez
Alex Wowk


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Over The Edge With 4 Play !

Over the Edge With 4 Play – Stay tuned for our 2019 Date! 

This is our biggest fundraising event of the year – join us and help us continue creating new original works. Big thanks to everyone who helped with the 2018 edition!

Grateful to our 4 Play Event Sponsor: Christenson Group of Companies 

Special thanks to the Rozsa Foundation for their support!

Vigilante Tour Donors

Neal Allen
Larry Anderson
Steven Andrew
Wendy Andrews
Akram Attia
Brian Beresh
Jodie Bakker
Kelly Blackshaw
Danielle Boisvert
Kenneth Cantor
Brian Caruk
Daniel Chivers
Renee Cochard
Shelagh Creagh
Michelle Crighton
Danielle Dalton
Kelly Dawson
D’Arcy DePoe
Janet Dixon
Michelle Doyle
Peter Duckett
Mark Facundo
Jill Gamez
Kimberley Goddard
Karen Gosbee
Susan Green
Adam Halliday
John Henderson
George  Isshak
Elizabeth Johnson
Suvidha Kalra
Blaine Kennedy (Sandborn Investments/ Sandborn Roofs Inc)
Greg Lepp
Joyce Lester
Amy Lind
Donald MacCannell
Kirk MacDonald
Lloyd Malin
Ross McCrady
James McGinnis
Susan McMillan
Elizabeth Millar
Richard Mirasty
John Mitchell
Kevin Mott
Anthony Oliver
Esther Ondrack
Norman Picard
Joan Pitfield
Francis Price & Marguerite Trussler
Sheila & Tony Rich
Susan Richardson
Steve Robbins
Margaret Robinson
Sean Rourke
Farrel Shadlyn
Carrie Sharpe
Donald & Jacqui Smith
Gary Smith
Steve J Fix
Laura Stevens
Marissa Tordoff
Laurie Trahan
Donna Rae Valgardson
James Vollmer
Allan Wachowich
Jim & Sheila Wheatley
Lynn Adams


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