The Soul Collector

For Memory McQuaid life in the city of Cold Comfort is exactly as it should be. Until the unexpected happens and shatters her perfect existence. Unable to piece things back together, she sees no option but to accept the cold comfort of a mysterious stranger who offers an escape from all her sorrows. No option, that is, until Gideon Glumm arrives in town and launches her on a life-altering journey that might just thaw her frozen heart – if it doesn’t destroy her along the way. The Soul Collector is a darkly whimsical and surreal musical tale about losing hope and finding it again in a frozen northern metropolis…

Creative Team

Book, Music & Lyrics - Jonathan Christenson

Director - Jonathan Christenson

Set, Lighting & Costume Designer - Bretta Gerecke

Sound Designer - Wade Staples

Choreographer - Marie Nychka

Music Producer - Matthew Skopyk

Voice, Text & Speech Director - Betty Moulton