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We’d like to extend a special thank you to the Christenson Group of Companies who have been our dedicated Event Sponsor for Over the Edge With 4 Play for over 10 years.

Big Thanks to Our Donors from the 2020/21 Season!

$2,000 – $4,999
Brenda McNicol
John & Brenda Inglis

$1,000 – $1,999
Larry Anderson
Janine Andrews
Brian Beresh
Ron Christenson
Francis Price
Jan Selman

$500 – $999
Allyson Jeffs
Marguerite Trussler

$250 – $499
Barb & Gurston Dacks
Brian Deedrick
Cynthia Dickins
Crystel Magus
Heike Meyer
Kevin Mott
Maryann Sabourin
Sarah Stanley
Katie Woodfine

Frannie Blondheim
Frema Bram
Julie Brown
Caitlin Bullerkist
Brent Christopherson
Greg & Tami Dowler-Cotlman
Michelle Eickholt
Valerie & Brieanne Graham
M Evangeline LaBerge
David Onderwater
Esther Ondrack
Miranda Ringma
Elain Solez
Daniel Stachnik
Lori Steel-Stephenson

Ava Calfat
Eva Colmers
Dave DeGagne
Glenda Dennis
Trish/Jim Downing
Ken & Barb Galm
Diane Lee
Ingrid McCarroll
Liz Nicholls
Stephen Rose
Mary Linn Sage
Deb Schellenberg
Keri Sweetman
Peeranut Visetsuth

*Not on this list and you should be? We received and unusually high amount of anonymous donations online last season. We’d love to credit you properly. Please contact


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