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We are recording soundtracks for VIGILANTE & THE INVISIBLE!

After years of fielding hundreds of requests we are finally beginning to make this musical dream a reality.


We’ve raised about 50% of the funds for the two recordings, but need you to help us get the rest of the way.
We are making professionally recorded and mixed cast albums – The Invisible team has already finished recording and we will begin production soon, Vigilante will record in the fall!

We plan on releasing the albums in the late fall of 2022. We hope you are as excited as we are and will help us by donating today!


Big Thanks to Our Donors from the 2021/22 Season!

$5,000 +
Cinders Fund

$2,000 – $4,999
Janine Andrews
Brian Beresh
Jan Selman
Peterson Walker LLP

$1,000 – $1,999
John & Brenda Inglis
Allyson Jeffs & Michael Francon

$500 – $999
Heike Meyer
Francis Price

$250 – $499
Jean Clancy
Brian Deedrick
Cliff Hansen & Debbie Gunther-Hansen
Suk-Kun Lee
Robert Lysay
Kevin & Robyn Mott
Carson Nattrass
Denise Roy

$100 – $249
Annette Berry
Erin Brophy
Carol Dreger
Michele Eickhold & Lee Green
Elizabeth Gabriel
Barb & Ken Galm
Barbara & Leroy Hiller
Janet Kerr
Reanna Koo
Emilie Laforge
Theresa McDougall
Brenda Piatocha
Dr. Sue Quon
Miranda Robblee
Julie Sinclair
Elaine Solez
Daniel Stachnik
Sarah Stanley
Katie Woodfine

$50 – $99
Karen Chan
Brent Christopherson
Erin Doucette
In honour of Meranda Gallupe-Paton
Rachel Heney
Megan Koshka
Diane Lee
Monica Maika
Doug Mertz
Caitlyn Milot
Adriane Nowicki
Megan Opatril
Doreen Piehl
Sean Polreis
Cindi Ryde
Jehy Thompson

$1 – $49
Sullivan Baker
Robyn Boyko
Trina-Lynn Brookes
Kelley Cheetham
Carly Christenson
Victoria Duggan
Deklan Green
Trevor Hildebrand
Zahra Larch
Sarah Mathison
Kathryn McLaren
Kyla Mullens
Rick Whiting
Emma van Bussel

*Not on this list and you should be? We received and unusually high amount of anonymous donations online last season. We’d love to credit you properly. Please contact


Special Capital Funding from CFEP

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