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The Play’s The Thing!

September 28, 2023

Catalyst is pleased to be one of the companies involved in Theatre Yes’s presentation of The Play’s The Thing!

In Support of the Edmonton Food Bank

The Play’s The Thing is a unique production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet in which each of the play’s 20 scenes is created in secret and performed by a different Edmonton stage company. No one knows in advance what the full production will be.

This is a benefit performance in support of the Edmonton Food Bank. All proceeds will be donated to the Food Bank and the wonderful people they serve.

In random order, the participating companies are:
Good Women Dance Collective, Free Will Players, Workshop West, Guys In Disguise, Rapidfire, L’Uni, Thou Art Here, Shadow Theatre, Catalyst Theatre, Twin Flames, Ready Go, House of Hush, Azimuth Theatre, Firefly Theatre & Circus, Northern Light, Mile Zero Dance, Teatro Live, Girlbrain, Theatre Prospero, BatRabbit Collective.

Live from the Westbury Theatre!
There is a single performance split over two evenings, and hosted by Edmonton’s favourite comedy troupe, Marv n’ Berry!!

October 7th: Act 1 Scene 1 – Act 3 Scene 3

In random order,

Guys In Disguise
Shadow Theatre
Ready Go Theatre
Workshop West
Thou Art Here
BatRabbit Collective
Rapid Fire Theatre

October 8th: Act 3 Scene 4 – Act 5 Scene 2.

In random order,

Twin Flames
House of Hush Burlesque
Northern Light Theatre
Theatre Prospero
Good Women Dance Collective
Azimuth Theatre
Teatre Live
Mile Zero Dance