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The 35//50 Initiative has invited Catalyst Theatre and other professional arts organizations across Alberta to commit to a set of organizational beliefs and policies, rooted in anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices.

We are grateful for the invitation and wholeheartedly commit to working with the members of The 35//50 Initiative and our arts sector colleagues to create a professional landscape that more equitably reflects our civic landscape with a minimum of 35% IBPOC and 50% women or non-binary people in paid, professional positions by the 24/25 season. We believe that this target date gives us time as a community to explore, discover and share best practices, and that working together and having open conversations about these efforts are essential to the success of The 35//50 Initiative.

It is time to do better.

Catalyst Theatre is situated on Treaty 6 territory as well as Region 4 of Métis Nation of Alberta and we recognize that on this land where we create, share, and tell stories not everyone has had equal access to resources, rehearsal halls, offices, or performance spaces. We believe that representation matters, on stage and off, and we are committed to ensuring our theatres are safe and equitable spaces for everyone.

We share with the members of The 35//50 Initiative the belief that through the implementation of actionable programs, initiatives and interventions we can create profound and lasting change in Edmonton.


• mutual accountability and transparency, by tracking the numbers of our governance, administrative, and artistic teams who identify as IBPOC, as women or as non-binary people,

• making these numbers publicly available at the end of the 20/21, 21/22, 22/23, 23/24 and 24/25 seasons in order to present an ongoing narrative of our organizational efforts,

• continuing to offer opportunities such as Confluence – Catalyst’s season-long creative fellowship for artists who identify as IBPOC,

• formalizing equitable hiring policies,

• continuing to review and evolve our anti-harassment and safe space policies and procedures – living documents that we believe must be updated regularly,

• offering IBPOC mentorship opportunities every season,

• enabling permanent staff members to participate in anti-oppression and anti-racist training whenever possible,

• actively working to invite diverse voices to our board,

• working with trained facilitators to audit all of our diversity and inclusion practices and all areas of our operations, and to examine the organization through an anti-racist and anti-oppression lens.


Catalyst Theatre is grateful to the members of The 35//50 Initiative for the work they have done and continue to do. We are committed to doing what we’ve outlined above and look forward to working with our arts sector colleagues in the spirit of collaboration. We believe that through initiatives and interventions like this, the Edmonton arts sector can create safer workplaces for a wider range of artists and build a stronger, more diverse community of thriving artistic leaders, performers, and audiences.

Please stay tuned to this page for further updates, including our statistics, progress reports, and new initiatives that may unfold throughout the coming months.

We’re Looking For Board Members

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For Immediate Release

Interested in contributing to the vibrant Edmonton theatre community? Despite the difficulties surrounding COVID-19, Catalyst has been working on many new initiatives for the 2020 and 2021 seasons and we are looking for dedicated, theatre-loving people to join our board.

Board commitments include sitting on and attending committee meetings in addition to general board meetings (a minimum of six per year).  The Catalyst board supports the company through governance, policy and fundraising. While we are interested in individuals who are enthusiastic supporters of Catalyst, we are also looking specifically for individuals who have experience and skills in one or more of the following areas: leadership, accounting and finance, the legal profession.

Catalyst is actively working to ensure anti-racist and anti-oppression practices in all areas of our daily operations and we encourage members of the IBPOC community to apply.

If you are interested, please send your CV/resume and/or volunteer experience Sue at

Deadline to apply is November 5, 2020.


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Catalyst Theatre is pleased to announce the launch of CONFLUENCE – a ten-month creative fellowship for an IBPOC artist/artistic team based in Edmonton or surrounding areas.


The fellowship offers money, space and time as well as the opportunity to be in an ongoing conversation with the creative and administrative team at Catalyst who bring nearly three decades of professional experience in creating, producing and touring original work.

CONFLUENCE is designed to make space for IBPOC artists to develop a specific creative project using the models that work best for them with the wholehearted support of Catalyst’s artistic and administrative team.
The fellowship aims to support, inspire and elevate the work of an IBPOC artist/artistic team while creating an opportunity to evolve their practice, hone their work, augment their creative and administrative skills and expand their professional networks.

Our hope is that, over the coming years, CONFLUENCE will play a role in evolving the landscape of Edmonton’s theatre ecology and have a meaningful impact on the creative journeys of future creative leaders who identify as IBPOC.

This creative fellowship will be offered by Catalyst for a minimum of three one-season terms (September through June), with a new artist/artistic team selected in the spring preceding each new term. Please note: In this, its first year, the fellowship will run from October 2020 through July 2021, as its launch was delayed by the temporary closures caused by COVID-19.




Catalyst Theatre is mandated to create original Canadian work that explores new possibilities for the theatrical art form and the process through which it is created. Since 1996, Catalyst has become synonymous with the award-winning work of a group of Edmonton-based artists who create bold new productions in a style completely their own.

Embedded in Catalyst’s mandate is also a commitment to share these productions with audiences locally, nationally and internationally and, to this end, the company has mounted many successful tours over the past two and half decades, performing at leading theatres and festivals around the world.

In the spring of 2019, with this mandate in mind, Catalyst began examining all aspects of our organization with a focus on what we could do to ensure that our company was a safe and inclusive place, and what actions we could take to meaningfully support and elevate the work of under-represented artists.

As part of this process we identified a shared desire to make space for IBPOC artists who have similar dreams of creating their own work in their own way. This led to the creation of CONFLUENCE – a ten-month creative fellowship for a IBPOC artist/artistic team based in Edmonton.




CONFLUENCE will include the following:

A fee of $20,000. Our hope is this fee allows you time to focus on this project, developing your own creative work and/or creative practice over an extended period. For an individual artist this would break down to $2000/month for the ten-month term but teams can, of course, split it in whatever way works for them. This fee is not meant to cover production costs. Our intention is that it pays the artist/artistic team for their time/labour and enables them to focus on developing their artistic practice. Catalyst is able to offer in-kind production support such as rehearsal space, access to equipment and professional consultation (Please see below for details). Catalyst’s administrative team is also ready to work with you to leverage this creative fellowship to pursue additional project-specific funding (to hire actors, designers or other creative team members, for example, to purchase or build production elements, or to rent technical equipment that they hope to use in your work).

A work station in Catalyst’s offices that offers a quiet space with internet access, proximity to our staff for questions and conversations, office supplies, and a gathering space for your team that will be available to you day or night, all season long. Use the office to do research for your project, hold meetings, or just have a coffee and a quiet place to think. We want to share our space with you.

The equivalent of four weeks of rehearsal/workshop space. This time can be used in a single four-week block, or broken up into smaller units (four one-week sessions that are scheduled once every two months, for example). However you choose to use it, Catalyst will provide the space for you to explore and develop your work on your feet. During this time, we can act as your sounding board, your audience, your cheerleaders, or we can simply be on standby to assist you when and if the need arises. This is your time to create, workshop or experiment in a safe environment where you have control and ownership over the work and how it is developed.

Access to our staff and contractors. This includes designers, choreographers, sound artists, musicians, stage managers and producers to talk about everything from how our artists develop their work, to how we build a production budget, to how we plan a tour. Our team will be available to respond to your questions or engage in the conversations you’d like to have.

Take-overs of our social media platforms and amplification of you and your work on these platforms throughout the season by our staff. We want our audiences to get to know you and your work.

The opportunity for a public showing of your work-in-progress.

Regular check-ins with the creative/administrative team at Catalyst ensuring that your needs are being met, that you have an opportunity to raise any questions/concerns you may have, and that you are having the conversations you want to have to support you in your creative practice.

The opportunity to make connections and to be introduced to Catalyst’s network of theatre practitioners, creators, presenters and funders across the country. If there’s a theatre professional you want to talk to, or learn from, we will work with you to try to make that happen.

Access to all Catalyst activities throughout the term of the fellowship, including rehearsals, creative meetings, staff meetings and production meetings, special events, or any other activity that would be of interest. There is no expectation that you participate in any of these or that you do any work for Catalyst at any time during the term of the fellowship. CONFLUENCE is an invitation to create work your way while also providing an all-access pass to Catalyst’s operations and creation model. We invite you to be active participants in our season in order to demystify the professional world and share our knowledge.

We also want to acknowledge that our goal with CONFLUENCE is to engage in a reciprocal relationship. As you develop your work and evolve your creative practice, the Catalyst team will also develop and evolve ours. As we work alongside each other, we expect we will all gain valuable insights, develop new ideas, learn new ways of creating, and integrate new modes communicating. We are excited to embark upon a journey of growth, creation and evolution with you.




We are committed to tailoring the fellowship to your specific needs. Once an artist has been selected, we will hire a facilitator to develop terms of reference that will ensure a safe space for creation and collaboration while ensuring the artist’s needs are being met. Catalyst will then work to create an environment that facilitates those terms, doing our best to help you achieve you own self-identified goals. This will be our jumping off place, in terms of our working relationship with you, and how you can begin your project.

Once things have been set up, the artist can work independently, writing, devising, and creating their project, or can request support in any area where they may feel underprepared. We don’t want to get in your way, but we also want you to know we will be there to offer support or guidance. We regard CONFLUENCE as a living structure/process that will evolve over time. We are committed to engaging in mediated conversations to ensure that feedback can be safely provided, that it is heard, and that mutually agreeable actions are taken to address concerns as they arise.



We Welcome:

• Artists who self-identify as IBPOC. We encourage IBPOC artists who also identify as LGTBQ2S+ or differently-abled to apply.

• Artists with experience in, or who express a strong interest in, developing new work and/or demonstrate a desire to work outside of traditional theatre models.

• Artists from Edmonton or the surrounding area.

• Emerging, mid-career or established artists with a strong interest in creating original work.



• SECTION ONE: Who you are and what inspires you? Introduce yourself/your team. Send a resumés if you have them. Tell us about what inspires you. Tell us about your work, the processes you like or don’t like, and what excites you about CONFLUENCE.
SECTION ONE can be done in a format of your choosing (i.e. written statements, video and audio recordings will all be accepted). If you communicate primarily in a language other than English we will also accept submissions in other languages (in such a case, Catalyst will pay for your submission to be translated before being reviewed by the committee). Not including your resumé, SECTION ONE should be no longer than three pages for written material or five minutes for recorded material.

• SECTION TWO: Examples of Your Work. Do you have a writing sample, a video of a dance piece, photos of your design work, a recorded piece of music you wrote? We’re curious to see any pieces you’d like to share with us. We’re not looking for highly produced videos, photos or audio recordings, and quality of video will not be a consideration of the panel. We’d just like to get a sense of your work. If you don’t have anything to share at this time, this section is not a requirement. Please do not let it stop you from applying if you are interested. Please keep writing samples to a maximum of three pages, and any video/audio recordings to no more than five minutes.

• SECTION THREE: What would you like to create during the CONFLUENCE FELLOWSHIP? You don’t need to come ready with a specific project in mind, but we are interested in hearing you speak to a project that allows for new forms of exploration or something you never thought would be possible to create before. We are curious about what kinds of stories you want to tell, and how you might consider telling them.
SECTION THREE can be done in a format of your choosing (i.e. written statements, video and audio submissions will all be accepted). Please keep writing samples to a maximum of three pages, and any video/audio recordings to no more than five minutes.

• SECTION FOUR: What will you need? Tell us what the ideal framework of your creation time might look like. What kind of supports/resources, outside of the ones outlined in the SPECIFICS section above, do you think you may need? This can be a variety of items, specific individuals or access to information. Examples could include: specific equipment, individuals within a certain community, artists who specialize in a skill set you’re interested in learning about, or a way of gaining access to research materials. It’s also possible that all you require is private space to create, and that’s great too. Our intent is to create a space that’s tailored to your needs. Please keep this section to a maximum of two pages.

• SECTION FIVE: References. Please provide two references from individuals who have a relationship to you and/or your work. These could be mentors, teachers, co-creators, or even audience members. These references do not have to come from within the theatre community, but can come from within one of your communities, a trusted accomplice, or anyone you believe that can speak about you, your work, your potential, or your experience. SECTION FIVE can be done in a format of your trusted accomplice’s choosing (i.e. written statements, video and audio submissions will all be accepted). Please keep request written letters are kept to a maximum of two pages, and any video/audio recording to no more than two minutes.


To share your materials, ask questions, or if you would like an example of what a submission in any of the five sections above might look like, please contact Managing Director, Lana Michelle Hughes, at

Want to apply but there’s something you’re unable to provide? Again, please feel free to reach out. We’re happy to be in dialogue with you as you prepare your submission.



The selection process will be led by a paid committee of IBPOC artists along with the artistic director and managing director of Catalyst Theatre. The committee will review all submitted materials and select an artist/artistic team for the fellowship.


The deadline for submissions is Friday, the 21st of August, 2020.
Submissions should be sent to Lana Michele Hughes at


Catalyst Theatre recognizes that where we create, share and tell stories is located on Treaty 6 territory as well as Region 4 of Métis Nation of Alberta, the traditional territories of the nêhiyawak, Saulteaux, Niisitapi, Nakota Sioux, Dene, Métis, and other peoples. In doing so, we recognize that we are a part of a larger journey of growth, creation and working alongside all voices that call this place home.

Catalyst Theatre is also grateful to Hunter Cardinal and Jacquelyn Cardinal of Naheyawin for the exceptional consultation they offered as CONFLUENCE took shape. Their thoughtful guidance and support in the preparation of this call for submissions was invaluable.

CONFLUENCE – A Creative Fellowship is supported in part by an Edmonton Arts Council Connections & Exchanges Initiative Grant.


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March 26 & 27


Due to health and safety concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we will no longer be holding live auditions. Instead, all those selected to audition will be given instructions on how to provide a video submission. Those who are selected, but unable to make a video selection, can be in contact with us and we’ll work together to come to a solution at a later date. Thank you for helping to keep each other safe.

What you are asked to prepare for the audition remains the same.



Please prepare one monologue and one song totalling no more than 5 minutes.


Please email your headshot and resume to with “SEASON AUDITION SUBMISSION” in the subject line. If selected you will be sent the video submission guidelines.

We’ve extended the submission deadline to Monday, March 25, 2020 at 5PM. If you have any questions about what you need to prepare, please email

If you are interested and have auditioned for Catalyst Theatre within the last few years, we may not need to see you again, but please still express your interest.


*Artists who are members of the Canadian Actors Equity Association will be given audition priority. Catalyst Theatre is a member of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres and operates within the jurisdiction of the Canadian Theatre Agreement. Artists cast in any production, regardless of CAEA standing, will be engaged under a CTA contract.


4 Play – Cancelled due to COVID-19

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For Immediate Release

With yesterday’s announcement by the Chief Medical Officer of Health that all events of 250 people or more should be cancelled, and in an effort to protect our audiences and artists, the board and staff of Catalyst Theatre have made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s edition of Over the Edge With 4 Play.

Over the past few days, several of Catalyst’s key donors have contacted us to make their regular annual donation to 4 Play but have indicated that, with the spread of COVID-19, they will be unable to attend the event. For some of our immunocompromised donors the risk of exposure to the virus is literally a life-threatening risk they can’t afford to take. For others, it is out of a public health concern. We at Catalyst, want to take all possible measures to avoid contributing to the spread of COVID-19, and to do what we can to keep everyone in our community safe.

4 Play is a very important fundraiser for Catalyst. As a non-profit theatre we rely upon the support of our donors to make productions like The Invisible- Agents of Ungentlemanly Warfare and 4 Play is the primary focus of our fundraising activity. We are hoping that we can count on you to join our board of directors and our donors, who’ve stepped forward to affirm their 2020 donation, and commit to making your annual donation to 4 Play this year. As always, all donations will receive a tax receipt. In lieu of this year’s event, we will be looking into other ways we can celebrate the generosity of our community of donors.

We’ll certainly miss sharing in the fun with you this year. In the meantime, we extend our wishes that you and all those you love stay healthy over the coming weeks.

Thank you for your support of Catalyst Theatre.


A Walk at Night: Your cell phone, 8 stories, 8 locations.⁠

We are honoured to be included in Workshop West Playwright Theatre’s Here There Be Night, an intimate theatrical adventure about possibilities hidden all around us and finding treasure in unexpected places.

Produced by Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre in Partnership with Catalyst Theatre, Northern Light Theatre, Theatre Network, and Theatre Yes.⁠